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As someone who used to rebuild British sports cars from the 60s - I am
glad it is not an electric bike by Lucas.....

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Dear Jeremy,

I agree whole heartedly. The same thoughts about British engineering
were running through my head when listening to the video clip!


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Err......since when was SLS material developed in Bristol? Come to
of it since when was SLS material as strong as steel? IS this a new
material that has been developed by EADS or is this just
bullshi.............I mean a factual inaccuracy?

The bits that I found most interesting was when the EADS UK Chief
Executive Robin Southwell came on. I was particularly interested when
announced that SLS is "British technology". I expect that Carl Deckard
and Hans Langer would be fascinated to learn this. Does Mr Southwell
know something that they don't know and has decided that they have
become British? If this is the case that Carl Deckard will have to go
the 'American to British training course' which will mean learning to
drive on the correct side of the road, learning how to spell correctly
like using the letter 'U' in the word colour and learning to never
refer to the British royal family as 'quaint. Hans Langer on the other
hand would have to go on the 'German to British training course' where
he would have to learn to live with litter on the streets, an
inefficient public transport system and learning about the 'first come
first served' system where you queue for everything and cannot reserve
sun beds around a swimming pool in advance by putting beach towels on

The other Gem from Mr Southwell was he said that government help
go to his company and that small and medium enterprises "fully support
us and should do". I don't know who the hell this bloke speaks to but
can assure him that the small and medium companies would rather have
government help going to them and would not 'fully support' it going
a company with a revenue of 62 billion euros per year. Perhaps Mr
Southwell had just been sniffing too much of the glue that was on show
around the oh so subtle joints on the bike and this guy is the Chief
Exec of a company of that size?

Is it too late for me to change my career from British engineer to
accountant? I mean I'd be prepared to give up my sense of humour and
traces of personal hygene to make the switch to accountancy if it
escaping any association with the Robin Southwells and James Dysons of
this world.

Jeremy Pullin
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Strong Bicycle

Very nice. I know it isn't the point but I wonder how much it cost.

Link to the BBC report

Paul Smith

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I saw a local BBC reporter riding it on TV (it was made in Bristol
up the road), so it clearly works...

Best wishes


Dr Adrian Bowyer

Brock Hinzmann wrote:
> Anyone we know riding around on this bike?

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