[rp-ml] Architecture and Digital Manufacturing Conference (RP need)

From: Jonathan Chertok <chertok22_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed Jan 26 2011 - 00:55:43 EET

I'm looking for lead or two on a RP bureau that would be interested in
contributing a model toward some work to be shown at a (new)
architecture and digital manufacturing conference/symposium (Houston).


I'm interested in anything sls, sla, metal or any other material. We are
also interested in a tiny 'jewelry-sized' scale model so we don't want
to rule out overseas firms that might be able to help.

Please email me off-list if you have any ideas on firms that might be
interested in connecting up with this or simply in helping out.



http://www.universaljointdesign.com | internationally recognized 
design-build and general contracting from austin, texas
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