[rp-ml] Digital Sculpture Wanted for SME's Rapid 2011

From: Andrew Werby <awerby_at_computersculpture.com>
Date: Thu Jan 13 2011 - 23:48:27 EET

Hi All; I've been asked to help round up some excellent examples of
artwork produced on additive RP machines (or susceptible to that):

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is having a show of
contemporary sculpture built using additive rapid prototyping processes
as part of their annual conference and exhibition next May in
Minneapolis MN. They are inviting sculptors working in digital media to
apply for an opportunity to show their work there. The show will be
juried from digital images (JPEGS) either of work that has already been
digitally printed or is in a virtual form (STL) and susceptible to being
produced on an additive RP machine. While they would prefer
already-built work, if they like the submission enough, they will
arrange for a participating vendor to print the piece from your
watertight STL file. To apply, go to http://www.sme.org/rapid and click
on the panel at the right: "Art's Newest Medium - Contemporary Art
Gallery". There is no fee to apply. The submission deadline is Feb. 1.

To see a writeup I did on last year's show, go to the blog on my site
http://www.computersculpture.com/Pages/Index_Blog.html and click on The
Rapid 2010 Show.

Andrew Werby
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