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From: Tien-MIn Gabriel Chu (
Date: Wed Dec 20 1995 - 20:42:05 EET

On Wed, 20 Dec 1995 wrote:

> Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Materialize? Via e-mail?
> Do any of you have experience with Materialize-type CT software that
> you could recommend?
> We have Surgicad here, and I believe that SDRC has some sort of relation-
> ship with a CT-conversion company, but I'm not sure of the details.
> Any help is appreciated...
> Daniel Anderson
> DePuy Orthopaedics
> (219)372-7360

Dear Mr. Anderson:

Materialise is sold by Laserform in the US. The address and phone
number that I have is:

Laserform, Inc.
1124 Centre Road
Auburn Hills, MI.48321

The contact address for Laserform in Belgium is:

ir. Bart Swaelens
Materialise N.V.
Kapeldreef 60
3001 Leuven

Tel:(32)16 270 364
Fax:(32)16 270 319

Could you also tell me where I can find information about Surgicad? And is
there any other software available to read medical CT file and output it
in stl format?

Any information is helpful to me. Thanks in advance.


Gabriel Chu

Gabriel Chu
Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
The University of Michigan
Tel:(313)747-1132 Fax:(313)763-4788

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