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Date: Tue Dec 12 1995 - 12:33:58 EET

Dear rapid toolers,

Students asked me the following:

We are making a study on rapid prototyping and rapid tooling. We are
especially looking for new technologies and new materials that would
allow to manufacture a mould faster than with traditional technologies
(as pieces carved in the block or from foundry).

 Those moulds must have the following characteristics:
- approximated dimensions: 1m * 2m and either 800 mm in depth (with
many differences in level)
         either 40 mm in depth
- endured temperature: up to 200 Celsius degrees
- endured pression: 100 tons
- tolerances on geometry: +/- 1 mm

I would answer "Mill it / build a foam or LOM model and cast it / or
mill slices and braze them together (very large oven needed)"
Are there better ideas ?
Any info would be appreciated !

Regards, Juergen

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