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From: Elaine Persall (
Date: Fri Dec 08 1995 - 14:45:58 EET

>Lee Humphrey Lockheed Martin wrote............
>Could information from the organization be released to the rp-ml. It
>would be very helpful for my company to know who is doing what type of
>research and development in Rapid Prototyping.

I would certainly be disappointed if this consortium failed to share
It would be helpful in forming this consortium if we could determine
industrial and governmental
need and support for such an organization.

Today industry is concerned with saving time, effort, and money through
the multiplier approach of teaming. Universities no longer can afford to
sit in isolation thinking they have unlimited time and money.

Alone I am but one voice and one effort... working together our limits
dissolve, our knowledge expands, and our efforts benefit many.

Maybe I'm wrong.


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