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From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (stahlht@po2.nawc-ad-indy.navy.mil)
Date: Wed Dec 06 1995 - 20:49:00 EET

Al Hastbacka wrote...

>Raster may be faster in some cases, but there are VERY FEW cases where
>raster is better than vector. When we started the Model Maker
>development program in 1991, it was done because the raster techniques
>that we examined DID NOT have the quality of surface finish(all sides--
>not just the TOP) that we needed. The raster techniques that we
>examined INCLUDED the printhead that is in the MJM. However, we wanted
>precision, accuracy, and surface finish. If you are willing to give up
>some of those parameters, the raster approach has some merit for
>certain geometries (e.g., bricks--but then you could use a saw to cut a
>block of wax to make even a faster prototype).
>Al Hastbacka

Then Dave Flynn wrote....

Attacks on competitive technologies, veiled or otherwise, are inappropriate
in this forum. For that matter, constantly pumping one's own products seems
to be inappropriate as well. Am I the only one that feels this way? It's
getting tiresome.
Dave Flynn
Prototype Express, Inc.

No Dave you are not the only one that noticed. I was thinking this a couple
of messages
ago. Perhaps Mr. Hastbacka should contact via EMAIL the person directly and
carry on
the discussion outside of the list. The first few were informative - now it
is just repetitive...

Todd Stahlhut

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