Problems with down facing fill

From: Jason 'doh!' Williams (
Date: Wed Dec 06 1995 - 16:51:57 EET

Ok, I'm having troubles... We've got an SLA-250 and are using Allied Signal's
X-actomer 2202SF resin. My parts were coming out fantastic about 3 weeks ago
(laser power ~16mW) and then I had a jump in laser power (~25mW) and my down
facing skin fill vectors went to heck. I'm thinking the problem might be in
the laser or in the sensors. The laser has about 1,800 hours on it. My down
facing skin fill vectors look like they are not connected and are 'wiggly' and
nasty. I've played with increasing my cure depth of the down facing vectors
and it really hasn't made much of an impact. I did discover that if I increase
the overcure on the hatch vectors it helps seal up the parts better, but my
warpage becomes unacceptable. If anyone has any solutions or recommendations
please let me know. Thanks ahead of time!



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