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From: xu Yi (
Date: Tue Dec 05 1995 - 11:41:42 EET

Ian Gibson wrote:
>We are back to the old 3D fax question again. Joe in Tokyo promised me a
>colour model of Mount Fuji made using RP some months ago. I look forward to
>receiving it.
I will do it. I hope i wouldn't let you waiting for too long time.
Concerning about 3D fax,I just read "3D Systems unveils Office Modeler" Nov,95
Rapid Prototyping Report.It seems 3D has made some progress on this topic.I wrote
done here
     But what Rudgley says really distinguishes the Office Modeler is its ease of use.
3D has done everything possible to make the new machine fully automatic.It uses a TCP/IP
interface to hook the Office Modeler directly onto a company's computer network.This
allows designers to "print" their designs much as they would dwonload drawings to a laser
printer or plotter.The system operates unattended and without interruption of for such
operations as material leveling or head-cleaning.Part orientation,STL file repair,layer
thickness,and support generation are all supposed to be scaling factor and then sends
his or her design to a print queue.When the part is finished,a message is sent back to
the designer over the network advising him to retrieve his part.

University of Tokyo

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