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Date: Mon Dec 04 1995 - 13:16:36 EET

>Besides medical applications, are there some other good uses of color in
>the RP business?

Yes !

When I had my first contact to PR in 1993, it was an article in the
journal "Deutsches Architektenblatt", which means "German Architect
Paper". The issue countained an article from a Mr. Weisgerber of
University of Karlsruhe, architectural department. He explained the SLA
principle and showed some examples of buildings "materialised" by SLA.

The article ended up with remarks on the role of material and colour
reception in architectural models, and therefore with the inadequacy of
current rp techniques and materials.

Since then, I am waiting for two things to happen in the rp industry:
1. Manufacturing machines available which build metal or high-strenght
plastic PARTS.
2. Low-cost desktop 3D-Printers available which build coloured MODELS.

Houses (normally) are one-of-a-kind products. Think of the number of
architects and construction engineers in your city, and you get an idea
of a market potential !

Regards, Juergen

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