Re: Raster is faster

From: Andre Dolenc (
Date: Mon Dec 04 1995 - 11:45:28 EET

M. Burns writes:
> Hi Folks,
> Sorry, I must disagree with Ulrich and Terry. Raster is not
> necessarily faster. It depends on the geometry. And in three dimensions,

Right. The issue here is *parallelism*. You can make a vector-based system
faster by putting in another laser. Besides, if that were the only issue
concerning speed, the SGC process from Cubital would offer the greatest potential
for being the fastest process on the market, right?
But it only works for some special polymers, you say. Yeah, but look at an
injection molding device. Doesn't it squeeze a large amout of material
"simultaneously" into a cavity? Who said the cavity cannot be a "layer"?

In computer-related technologies, raster has given excellent results. It may,
or may not, apply to RP.

Regards, Andre'

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