Re: Color RP Systems

From: Ian Gibson (
Date: Mon Dec 04 1995 - 09:29:33 EET

>Besides mediical applications, are there some other good uses of color in
>the RP business?

We are back to the old 3D fax question again. Joe in Tokyo promised me a
colour model of Mount Fuji made using RP some months ago. I look forward to
receiving it.

No, Im not saying he has a colour system. Just that he raised this question
some months ago. My reply related to a comment made by a director of
research funding in the UK. He said that the company that makes a consumer
product will be the one to clean up. A possible consumer based RP system is
a 3D colour fax. Okay, so why colour when conventional 2D faxes are mono?
Answer - why not?

The trouble is - how? Someone suggested SLS powder may take a dye - has
anyone tried that yet?


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