Color RP Systems

Date: Mon Dec 04 1995 - 03:24:28 EET

I have asked several people what their opinion is relative to a color RP
machine. The concept would be a machine that use a clear "build" material
so that colors placed outside or inside of the model could be seen. It
would have obvious application in the medical area for showing a tumor in
blue and the blood vessels in red in an organ like the liver.

 MATERIALIZE of Belgium has shown an interesting use of color in RP at the
recent AUTOFACT conference. At their exhibit, they showed a two color
version of a skull with a tumor shown in a different color than the rest of
the skull. The extent to which the tumor had spread around the base of the
tumor was clearly visible by using this technique.

Besides mediical applications, are there some other good uses of color in
the RP business?

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