3D/EYE and .STL

From: MR ALBIN A HASTBACKA (KHVD07A@prodigy.com)
Date: Sat Dec 02 1995 - 16:02:33 EET

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Yakov wrote:

Several people posted messages about these two products. Terry wrote in
CGW that he had problems with Trispectives in getting a good STL file.
Al wrote that he had no problems. Can anyone update us on this?

I communicated with Terry and found out that the CGW article was based
on the Beta version. He had not tried the released version. Our own
testing is limited to this time, but most of the .STL related testing
looks OK.

We have had trouble with the IGES input, but that may be related to the
fact that we were using the demonstration copy. Has anyone else tried
the IGES features?

Al Hastbacka
Also, how about SolidWorks? Anyone using it?


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