EARP contact information wanted

From: Andre Dolenc (ado@cs.hut.fi)
Date: Fri Dec 01 1995 - 11:31:42 EET

simon van-de-crommert writes:
> I am looking for EARP contact information ?
> - names

Mr. Niels Moos/Mr. Bent Mieritz
Danish Technological Institute

> - phone no.'s +45-89 43 89 43
> - fax no.'s +45-89 43 84 25
> - E-mail addresses NIM@svane.dti.dk (better use the FAX, though)

> EARP - This is the European ..... Rapid Prototyping committee who for
> example subsides research projects.

EARP is under the Concerted Action Program of the EC, and it is scheduled to
end next year. It is more a discussion group, and loose cooperation between
partners exists. Don't expect any money except for joining meeting; they don't
have much of "dow".
They have been doing a wonderfull job in applying and/or supporting activities in
the medical field. This mailing list originated within that project.

Funding for research within the EC is better done through other programs
such as BRITE/EURAM, ESPRIT, RACE, etc etc.

Regards, Andre'

Helsinki  University  of  Technology       voice/fax: +358-0-4513239/4513293
Institute  of  Industrial Automation          e-mail: ado@mail.cs.hut.fi
Otakaari 1, Espoo, FIN-02150 Finland            http://www.cs.hut.fi/~ado/

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