Quickcast investment molds for silicone

From: Stahlhut, Todd A. (stahlht@po2.nawc-ad-indy.navy.mil)
Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 23:46:00 EET

Al Hastbacka wrote:

>Has anyone on this list ever tried to use investment casting techniques
>to make silicone rubber models. What I have in mind is the idea of
>making a ceramic mold as you would if you were investment casting
>metal. The ceramic mold would then be autoclaved to melt out the
>master pattern. Then, instead of pouring a metal into the mold,
>silicone rubber would be poured into the ceramic mold. Once the
>silicone rubber has set up, the rubber model would be removed by
>breaking away the ceramic.

Are you aware that you can use a sla pattern to form a silicone mold into
which you can inject several different plastics. This mold can be used
multiple times. I would think this would work for you unless I am missing
something. There are several companies that offer this service.

Todd Stahlhut
NAWC Aircraft Division
Indianapolis, IN

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