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Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 08:51:59 EET

My 'leuhng houh-ji' worth

>I will join the open communications corps even as I acknowledge that
>using an English language as a standard can be a barrier. To break the
>rp-ml down by language would be clique-ish and rpovide exclusivity whcihc
>I believe is not the point in an open mailing list. If English poses a
>barrier than perhaps the subscriber should have thought twice before
>signing on since it was a given that that would be the language of

Not true. I suspect we may get a few raised eyebrows if someone sent a
message in French, German, etc. - but this list is not moderated. So I
suggest if you want to get your message across in your own language, then do
so using this list. I doubt it will happen much but I could be wrong (I
often am re: my last couple of mailings). If it does, and we find that there
is becoming a need to split up, then is the time to consider it. I would
like to send this message in 38 different languages - but I cant.

I would have thought that the only reason to break down a list was when
there was too mailings for 1 list. I seem to get less than 10 mailings from
this list most days. I can cope with that.

>It is of course a reasonable point that those who would want to form
>discussion groups built around variious languages should do so but they
>perhaps ought to be sub-groups of the mailing list, not seperate mailing

I agree with this point.

>Also, perhaps there are other solutions besides the ones currently on the
>table to solve the problem.

Other than what Andre said - is there a problem? Maybe there is since the
only responses so far appear to be from English speakers. I would have
thought if there was a demand for this then we would know of lists, or
informal networks of people who are communicating in non-english languages.

Perhaps we should ask Andre why he raised the point in the first place. Andre?

>Let's put our heads together in an effort to
>assist each other to find the most egalitarian solution. Are there other
>potential solutions? Let's here some proposals.
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