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From: Ingle K A (
Date: Thu Nov 30 1995 - 04:49:44 EET


I will join the open communications corps even as I acknowledge that
using an English language as a standard can be a barrier. To break the
rp-ml down by language would be clique-ish and rpovide exclusivity whcihc
I believe is not the point in an open mailing list. If English poses a
barrier than perhaps the subscriber should have thought twice before
signing on since it was a given that that would be the language of

It is of course a reasonable point that those who would want to form
discussion groups built around variious languages should do so but they
perhaps ought to be sub-groups of the mailing list, not seperate mailing

Also, perhaps there are other solutions besides the ones currently on the
table to solve the problem. Let's put our heads together in an effort to
assist each other to find the most egalitarian solution. Are there other
potential solutions? Let's here some proposals.
Kate Ingle

On Wed, 29 Nov 1995, Elaine Persall wrote:

> Straight to the point:
> >A mailing list is about rapid and effective communication. Not all of those
> >in this list can communicate effectively in English. Given the number of
> If we break into groups over language......should we break into groups
> by process ( me vs you)? By gender (home alone again)?
> I tried to make the point a few days back about intimidation. If I
> intimidate then imagine how language and other things work to keep the
> communication lines closed. This group has enough working against it with
> corporate gag rules,
> closed minds, and other assorted misconceptions.
> Anyone want to join me and my group? I'm the one holding the flagpole
> that says " Free communication done here".
> Elaine
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