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Date: Mon Nov 27 1995 - 03:46:42 EET

>Terry Wohlers:
> > The machine's print head consists of 96 jets oriented in a linear array.
> > Information on speed was not available, but
>Point-1: 96 nozzles may be about 50 times faster than 2 nozzles system.
>Point-2: A part of which width is less than array, can eliminate X-movement
> of the array, which will profit the layer-wise productivity.
Point-2 may not be correct. Like 3DP, the nozzle heads occupy a space
greater than their coverage - making it impossible to have the jets
overlapping. The heads will therefore index within this space. Small
components will take as long to build as large ones in this case, making it
inefficient and also making point-1 incorrect.

Could we also have the case where the seldom used nozzles at the outside
will become clogged and require purging - similar to my bubblejet printer
when I come home from my excessively long holidays?

Incidently, like last weeks recipe (which I tried and burnt), could we be
promoting our own urban myth? After all, there are plenty of guys in China
who can carve bars of soap. I used to do it myself until my mum stopped me.

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