Monday morning recipes

From: S. Terashima (
Date: Sat Nov 25 1995 - 19:38:00 EET

Recipe this week recalls margarine: :-)

Not a few in this list seem to be interested in the 3D's MJM technology.
Last week at 9th RP symposium in Yokohama, Dr. Jacobs presented a little
about MJM concept. Below is the spot from the symposium.

Ulrich G. Kliegis:
> how soon are we going to see MJM enter a methodical competition
Possibly in 1996.

> The Model that I saw was a simple extrusion with "3D" on the top face.
> It appeared to look like a bar of soap.
Yes, a sample he presented was like a soap, a margarine or a butter.
The material seemed like a kind of wax. Did you see the back face?

Terry Wohlers:
> The machine's print head consists of 96 jets oriented in a linear array.
> Information on speed was not available, but
Point-1: 96 nozzles may be about 50 times faster than 2 nozzles system.
Point-2: A part of which width is less than array, can eliminate X-movement
         of the array, which will profit the layer-wise productivity.

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