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Date: Sat Nov 25 1995 - 17:01:00 EET

For those who got lost (like me) when they heard the words OLE and ACIS
(read the previous 3D/Eye and SolidWork messages). I have found some
explanations on the net :

ACIS is "The world standard for open 3D-modeling. ACIS is a state-of-the-art
geometric modeling system that provides curve, surface, and solid modeling
in an open object-oriented architecture."
For more info on ACIS : http://www.spatial.com/spatial/corp.html

OLE "(originally "Object Linking & Embedding)is the name of Microsoft's
component object technology. OLE, and more specifically COM, provides the
binary standard required to enable pieces of software developed in any
programming language, by any group, any place in the world, to be distributed
and used in binary form. OLE for Design and Modeling offers many benefits to
developers. One is the Windows look-and-feel, which is becoming increasingly
important in technical graphics applications. Another is CAD neutrality, which
makes it possible for several OLE-aware systems to form a composite result."
For more info on OLE : http://www.spatial.com/spatial/ole.html

Homepage of 3D/Eye & TriSpectives : http://www.eye.com/
SolidWorks Corp., Concord Massachusetts

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