What's in a name - The final word??

From: Jon Hunwick (Delcam International PLC)
Date: Thursday, January 12, 1995

From: Jon Hunwick (Delcam  International PLC)
Date: Thursday, January 12, 1995
Subject: What's in a name - The final word??
Dear all-
     This discussion has been fascinating, and has certainly succeeded in
waking everyone up. In an earlier message I said I didn't much care
what it was called as long as it worked! However, since we seem to
**really** want to devise a new title for the process, I think it's
time we got a bit radical, and invented a new **word**, not a phrase,
but a single word (possibly a verb) that sums the process up. The
phrases suggested so far are all a bit lengthy, and not easy to say in
some some cases. We need something that not only captures the essence
of the technology, but is also catchy, and easy to use.
     So, after much thought, I have come up with the following verb which
could be added to the language:
     The 'holo' part has similar connotations to the 'holo' in holography,
and will (I think) by now be readily associated with laser and other
light technologies, as well its' original meaning of 'total' or
'solid'. The 'form' part should be fairly obvious.
     As a verb it may be quite successful too, e.g
holoforming    -  the act of making an object this way
holoformed     -  having been made this way
     We (of course) would be 'holoformers', which sounds better than RPers.
     I look forward to hearing comments.
     In the meantime, maybe we'll see a headline in the financial papers
soon, something like -

                |\         |____|____|____|         /|
                | \        o o o o o o o o         / |
                |  \       [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [        /  |
                |  /\       \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \      /\  |
                | /  \                          /  \ | 
                |/    \                        /    \|
            'Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin'

P.S Sorry abot the SIG, I'm a roller coaster nut (when I'm not holoforming)

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