Re: What's in a Name? II

From: Elaine Hunt (Clemson University)
Date: Friday, January 6, 1995

From: Elaine Hunt (Clemson  University)
To: Yakov Horenstein (Electon)
Date: Friday, January 6, 1995
Subject: Re: What's in a Name? II
>I thought you were never going to get into this discussion.
     I have been busy with lots of activity in the lab these days.  January will be exciting since we  are starting up a new facility:   The Laboratry to Advance Industrial Prototyping.
     We haggled over a name....   and industry said "give us rapid prototyping and don't confuse us with buzz words.  We are too busy trying to stay productive to learn new words. Give us action not words and if we need new words and definitions then we'll incorporate them as we go along."
     Brock is right in that we need to focus on where we are heading with this technology and what are we planning to do to get there.   A label only means something to the person who applies it.   My "dream making machine" works fine for me.
     My  1995 wish list:
               More responsive scanning systems and controls ( some like it fast, some like it slow)
               Intelliegent materials,  models or prototypes (they don't just look good, they respond to me)
               Ability to change materials quickly even within the model   (like I change my mind)
               Ability to create composite structures  (why always do it the same way,  with the same material)
               Freeform build style (why does it have to be laid down)
               Software that knows how I think or that I can tailor to me
               Systems that responds to the evironment and gives feedback
     I like interactive processes that even machines can participate in.
     One faculty gave the his idea of the perfect class and textbook for me: How to think weird thoughts.
That I can do well...
     Happy New Year and Keep up the discussion.

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