Re: World Wide Web

From: Christian Nelson (DTM Corporation)
Date: Thursday, December 22, 1994

From: Christian Nelson (DTM  Corporation)
Date: Thursday, December 22, 1994
Subject: Re: World Wide Web
Here is a list of WWW sites that have ties to the rapid prototyping 
industry (That I know of).  Some of these sites are listed in the rp-ml 
information document.

Cranfield - An index of several RP sites

DTM Corporation	<- this is a new address

The University of Texas

Helsinki Univ of Tech. (HUT)

Mathart - modeling applications of the RP technology

Manufacturing Technology Information Analysis Center (MTIAC)

Clemson University


Alberta Research Council

IVF-KTH - Sweden

I hope that you enjoy these sites.  They are all well done.

Christian Nelson
DTM Corporation

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