Re: RP NewsGroup

From: Yakov Horenstein (Electon)
Date: Wednesday, November 2, 1994

From: Yakov Horenstein (Electon)
Date: Wednesday, November 2, 1994
Subject: Re: RP NewsGroup
Ciao everybody,
Those who are proposing the transferral of this mailing list 
to a NewsGroup on RP justify the idea by saying that 
there are many people on the Net who would be interested in 
our discussions but are unaware of their existence. I appreciate that, 
and propose posting a short announcement periodically in various 
existing newsgroups with indications about what rp-ml is 
and how to sign up. I did this off my own bat when I joined rp-ml 
last May, and in three weeks the number of subscribers jumped 
from 34 to 126, including the proposer of this discussion. 
I don't know how many subscribers there are now, but a similar 
initiative today would probably bring in a good few hundred more, 
if that's what you want.

However, what advantage other than numbers would be gained 
by the new proposal? Are those in favor somehow dissatisfied 
with the proceedings so far? Have their questions gone unanswered? 
Would they like to discuss different subjects? Please make 
some persuasive suggestions. I feel there is a certain friendly intimacy 
within rp-ml which would be broken by tranferring it to a more 
public forum like a NewsGroup. 

Someone else wrote: 
"It's obvious to me that people on this list who are involved 
with research, or have already purchased a rapid prototyping device, 
would want to keep this a closed forum", 

as if rp-ml was some kind of exclusive club trying to resist 
the onslaught of the natives. How on earth can you describe rp-ml 
as a closed forum? What could be more open than an Internet 
mailing list which anyone, anywhere can join, so far for free?
But let's even admit that you're right, that there *is* an interest 
in keeping rp-ml exclusive, whatever that means. What's wrong 
with that? I think many of the people and companies using this list 
are also using RP as a strategic weapon, as another means of 
trying to stay alive against ferocious competition. RP represents 
a legitimate competitive advantage and some of us might feel reluctant 
to divulge anything knowing that the competition was listening. I realise 
this may be small beer, but I'm trying to figure out what you mean.

Personally I would prefer this set up to continue. It's like 
the difference between getting your newspaper delivered 
and having to go out and buy one. You still go out most days, 
but how many times have you missed that interesting article?


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