Re: Universities

From: Jason Williams (Pennsylvania State University at Erie)
Date: Monday, October 10, 1994

From: Jason Williams (Pennsylvania State  University at Erie)
Date: Monday, October 10, 1994
Subject: Re: Universities
On Oct 10,  7:54am, Elaine Persall wrote:
> It would be interesting to note what technologies they have purchased, if
> any, and what their research is
> focused upon.   Any comments?

First off:  I like Elaine's disclaimer. :)
Secondly:  I can comment on Penn State Erie's equipment and research focus.

My name is Jason Williams and I run the SLA-250 here at Penn State Erie.  I
work for the Plastics Technology Deployment Center (PTDC), which is located on
the Penn State Erie Campus.  We are a federally funded Manufacturing Outreach
Center that focuses on working with the local plastics industry.  Most of our
research focus is therefore related to the plastics industry.  We are working
with various rapid tooling techniques (nickel electroformed and investment cast
injection molds).  We are also looking into other rapid commercialization
techniques such as soft prototypes (animation/renderings), high speed
machining, process simulation, etc... We are also hoping to add more equipment
in the future (possibly an LOM 2030).  If anyone has specific questions, please
feel free to contact me.



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