Re: STL format MISINFORMATION (long)

From: Michael Brindley
Date: Friday, October 7, 1994

From: Michael Brindley
To: Elaine Hunt (Clemson  University)
Date: Friday, October 7, 1994
Subject: Re: STL format MISINFORMATION (long) 
> >> Ed Gargiulo did report at the 1990 SLA Usersg group meeting that slicing
> >> the user part took 2.5 hours on a
> >> 386 computer.
> >
> >I looked it up.  The documentation with the SLA Usersgroup part states
> >a slice time of 5 hours, 55 minutes, and 30 seconds on a 16 MHz 386
> >system.
> What report was you reading?At the 1990 user meeting in San Antonio, Ed

After reading about the user part in the Rapid Prototyping report,
I called Ed and he sent me a packet with a disk containing the 
user part, some instructions, a letter, and some forms to fill out
when sending in a part to be tested.  In that packet he included
the data from a run that he did.  In there, the slice time was
reported as "5:55:30"  which I have trouble interpreting as anything
but almost 6 hours.  I can't look up the slice thickness as the
document is at work.  I do remember calculating that it would have
made 150 layers (0.010" per layer, I think).  This was almost 
2 years ago that I recieved the packet of info from Ed.

  --> Mike Brindley

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