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From: Ben Piper
Date: Thursday, September 29, 1994

From: Ben Piper
Date: Thursday, September 29, 1994
Subject: new user
Hello fellow rp'ers.  I am a new user both to this forum and to the net.  
I work for an injection molder. We currently have an SLA-250 and are 
pursuing rapid tooling methods based, where possible on SLA models.  I am 
interested in companies who are casting steel and aluminum cores and 
cavities from Quick-Cast models, as well as quick machining of aluminum. 
Am interested in any conversation with those of you who are doing this or 
know of someone who is.  Also, any other methods of providing rapid 
tooling are of interest.  Your experiences with this type of tooling are 
also of interest if you are willing to share.

Lookng forward to some enlightening conversation.



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