STL binary formats!

From: Elaine Hunt (Clemson University)
Date: Thursday, September 15, 1994

From: Elaine Hunt (Clemson  University)
Date: Thursday, September 15, 1994
Subject: STL binary formats!
     I consider the binary format of the STL file property of 3D Systems.  It can be broken and dissected by the various computer science methods.  Since I consider this a violation of their software and we(universities) are often accused of reinventing SLA,    I would rather see rapid protoyping vendors agree to a format that is open to all third party software generators.
     How does the other part of the world see it????  Are you vendors listening or dozing?
     Are RP vendors beyond needing any software help?   Marshall, Terry, what are your thoughts?
     What does the world want or need in terms of software?  Does the world know yet? Who is defining this need?
     We can pass around information that is considered confidential but is this the solution?
     I think not.


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